Experience Matters!


Over the years John has earned the support of his constituents.  Below are just a few  comments of gratified residents.

Sent: 2014/08/29

To: Sprovieri, John Councillor

Subject: Driveway restoration…

Hi Councillor Sprovieri,

I’m very happy to tell you that a Mr Johny Kalsi came over this morning to discuss the problem that I had regarding my driveway. He was very attentive to what I told him and assured me that the work will be done starting next week. A very nice gentleman, the type of guy who should be an example of what a “public servant” ought to be.

Mr Sprovieri I thank you very much for getting the wheels in motion and proving once again that your constituents come first and you’re always there to assist in any way you can.


Victor Baldacchino.

Sent: 2013/08/05 11:10 AM

Dear sir

Let me thank you for the help and support I received from you to resolve the issue of relocation of gas and hydro meters. This is the day I was waiting from the day of closing of my home. At this stage only gas meters are relocated, hydro meters may be within next week. It would not have been possible without your support and action taken. The quotation “Slow and steady wins the race” is proved to be true.

Once again thank you very very much.

Best regards

Rajesh Prashar

Sent: 2012/09/30 12:09 PM Subject: Re: Brampton Hi Councillor Sprovieri, Thank you for your prompt attention to our concerns. It is encouraging that you are proactive and we can trust in you. I am sorry that I am not able to meet with you today, Sunday, as I am working. An evening later in the month would be better, maybe we can arrange a time for the future. Thank you. Mrs. Naraine
Sent: 2013/02/27 8:16 PM
Subject: Re: Community Mail Boxes – Gore Rd & Fitzpatrick

Thank you so much. It is always a pleasure dealing with you and we appreciate your prompt response to all our issues.

Regards, Rosella.

Sent: 2014/07/24 10:30 AM
Subject: Re: Gallucci Cres Brampton

Hi John

We really appreciate your quick action in resolving this issue.

You are our Wonderful Councillor.

Thank you once again.

Thanks and Regards

Vijay Bhambri

Sent: 2014/07/24 10:39 AM
Subject: Re: Water Fluoridation Presentation and Discussion in Brampton

Hi John,

It’s amazing to me – here you are responding to my emails while you are on vacation and you’re not even my councillor.

Christine Massey

Sent: 2014/07/24 10:34 AM
Subject: Re: ethics of water fluoridation

John, as far as I can tell you’re the only politician in Peel that
ever reads their emails! You’re the best

Christine Massey

Sent: 2012/12/04 9:59 PM
Subject: Re: City Calender.

Dear John,

I lived in 50 Lanewood Street L6R 2C4 & you are my Councillor
I am very proud because we have Councillor who cares

Thanks again


Sent: 2012/06/06 7:28 AM
Subject: Greetings from the City

Good morning Councillor Sprovieri, I hope all is well with you and your family. I would like to thank you again for your continued support of Level Playing Golf Tournament (LPGT). Your involvement over the years has meant a lot to me.

Thanks again.

Best wishes


Sent: 2012/12/29 4:52 PM
Subject: pathway behind Oakhaven rd.

Hello Mr. Sprovieri,

Based on our interactions in the past I know that you always put the concerns of the people above all else and I appreciate and look forward to you doing the same again.

Seasons greetings and warm regards

Jasdeep Singh

Sent: 2014/07/26 6:13 PM
Subject: Re: Contact Form – Sandeep Singh – Removal of Bus Stop

Bus stop has been removed and soding is done !!!

Thanks Suzzane, Mike and transit team for your help.

Thanks John for your support all along. We are very happy to see green grass again in front of our homes. I was not sure about the outcome initially but i am glad that we have our elected reps who cares about us and are willing to support our just cause.

This is a great experience for us and we will remember this throughout our lives. I am glad that john came to our house to discuss and to find the resolution. I did not believe in voting system before, but I am a firm believer now in our system and I will vote our our reps who helped us when we need. I am sure sal has same opinion.


Sandeep Singh

Sent: 2014/07/24 10:19 PM
Subject: RE: Safety of Peel’s Drinking Water

For the record, John is our Champion on Regional Council. What sets him apart from the other Councillors is, his continued efforts to listen, learn and act in the best interest of his constituents. John is doing his due diligence and getting the answers he needs to make an informed decision when he presents to Council that, ‘Fluoridation is unproven, unnecessary and unethical’ therefore the Region must end this outdated practice to protect the health and well being of the 1,300,000 citizens.

We are very grateful John for your support and commitment and we know that together

Liesa Cianchino
On Behalf of the Concerned Residents of Peel

Sent: 2014/01/01 10:51 PM
Subject: Re: FW: Fwd: Fw: love this e-mail!

John and family,

A very happy and prosperous new year to you and to all your near and dear ones!
It is so hard to find a man like you who is a servant leader these days!
God bless you!

Kevin and Judy Coelho

Sent: 2014/08/14 7:58 PM
Subject: WaterLine

John you are highly respectable in my heart. Job Is well done at 140 Mountainberry Rd. Thank you, they will look after you I already talk to them. Any help you need me, I will be always there for you. Thanks again.

Sincerely Yours,

Resham Dosanjh, Secretary, Red Willow Senior

Sent: July-24-14 10:08 AM
Subject: RE: Invitation


Our theme for this Black History Month is: “Restoring the Dream .“ Please be prepared to bring a greeting to the congregation. Thanks! Again
You are such a great people person. We appreciate you.
Be Blessed


Sent: 2008/07/15 9:53 PM
Thanks Mr. Sprovieri. All thanks to your efforts and prompt response, the
sidewalk has been fixed today. We are so thankful for having a caring
councillor in our ward.

Please do let us know if we can be of any service (volunteering for
community services etc.) ever. We would gladly share the responsibilities
as commmunity members to make our neighbourhood the best place to live.

Thanks again.

Sent: 2009/04/07 8:42 PM
Hi John, …

John, I thank you for your interest and support. Your name is always the first to come to mind when I think of “Brampton” and the “person” who really believes and supports the people.

Kind regards,

Grazia Nalli-Aquino

Sent: 2010/06/07 4:56 PM
“Good day Councillor Sprovieri,
I can not thank you enough for all your help. Friday’s golf tournament was a success because of your commitment to families of children with special needs achieving equitable access to summer camps with the City of Brampton. My hope is that you enjoyed yourself and I will see you at next year’s tournament. Thanks again, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Dorothy Peddie”

Sent: 2009/10/03 5:05 PM
“Hi John,

Thank you for your response. I am glad to read that the city is working for it’s residents, and I am proud that Brampton has responsible officers and administrators like you. Thank you once again,


Sent: 2009/08/09 10:18 PM
“Hi John,

Yes I did help with the campaign in 2006 and I had a fun time doing it. It was a great experience and I think it also helped me experience first hand how much of a difference a little bit of effort makes. It has motivated me to make a difference and that’s why I got together a team of us girls to participate in the run because every bit helps. I see people like yourself making a difference all the time and that is what I ultimately want to be able to. Thanks once again John. You have been a great inspiration and are a strong leader.


Sent: 2010/01/02 4:54 PM
“Thanks John. You are a hard working Councillor and a very decent man. All the best.

Michael Gagnon”

Sent: 2009/07/03 12:35 PM

You have went above and beyond your call of duty in helping me with this and I am grateful to you for it. You are great at what you do!


Sent: 2009/06/12 10:24 AM
“Thanks John and Vicky for your continual support in getting the work done. Your efforts have strengthened my trust that our elected officials equally thrive to attend to smallest issues as the big ones.

Thanks city staff for taking up the job.
With best regrads


Sent: 2010/07/06 10:42 PM
“Thank you thank you so much John, we are fortunate indeed to have sincere councillors like yourself. Just knowing that you are so willing to rise to the occasion means a lot. Truly appreciate your input.


Sent: 2010/07/15 1:23 PM
“Dear Sir,
Unlike other politicians , you have kept your word in true letter and spirit and your sincerity has worked wonders.Due to the attention given by your goodself in the matter,the ‘Bradon Blvd’ bears a new look now.Thank you very much and warm regards.

Gurinder Gill”

Sent: 2009/06/25 11:42 AM

They are cutting the grass behind our home this morning—-I am sure your assistance and dedication to your citizens is the reason why!!!I appreciate and thank you for your continued involvement in our community.

Teresa Scott”

Sent: 2010/01/05 9:31 AM

Progress is slow, but steady. The folks who opposed us in Peel on our issue have been recently exposed in Montreal. God does exist ;)

All the best to you and your family in 2010. The country needs more councillors like you.


Sent: 2009/12/02 1:04 AM
“Hi John, I would like to thank you very much for everything. I told my family that you do not remind me of a politician – Hats off to you.


“September 3, 2006
Dear John,

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to you. We your loyal supporters feel that there could not be a more honest, sincere and dedicated representative for the people of Brampton. We came to you and many other officials for assistance regarding our concern and objection to the proposed cell phone tower to be erected adjacent to our homes. You were the first to respond and take action. You represented us at our meeting with the City of Brampton and came up with solutions. We respect and appreciated this assistance and the continued support you give us regarding this critical matter. We really do hope that everyone can see what an incredible person you are.

You truly do care for the people you represent! We thank you for everything you have done for us and all that you continue to do.


Grazia Nalli-Aquino

Robert Aquino”

“Tuesday, October 17, 2006
My name is Robert Germani and I have lived in Springdale for the last 13 years,
I have known John Sprovieri since he was a Councilor for our area. John has
been there at all times of the day or night. I have phoned John late at night for
issues and he has always been there. He has always been at our
neighborhood meeting to discuss safety in our streets and parks. John has
championed for the environment, positive development and sensitive cultural
interaction. John’s integrity and commitment speak for themselves. John
Sprovieri has the support of this residence.

Robert Germani”

A gentleman, a family man, generous, kind-hearted, a true friend, always ready to lend a
helping hand.
In a nutshell: A CLASS act!

A great listener – a quality seldom found these days!
A doer, a man of action, a “people” person.

Accessible: The one to call when you need help with any issue.
The one to call when you need to get things done… done right… RIGHT NOW!

Another great thing about John: you just know he WILL return your calls promptly.

His record, which speaks for itself, gives you the true measure of the man. I have known John
For over ten years. I have “100% plus” confidence in him. He has my undivided and
Unqualified support.

JOHN SPROVIERI has served the City of Brampton with the greatest distinction at the
municipal and regional levels. He has earned and fully deserves the voters’ support.

Marc-A. Comtois

Sent: 2009/07/08 12:01 PM
“Hi John,

It’s Irene, Emma’s sister. The stop sign to date has not been installed.

Emma was just talking about you and Councillor Dhillon the other day and was so grateful on how you assisted our family that day.

Thank you for everything you have done in assisting my family and the residents of Valleycreek with this ongoing issue. You are so considerate and we are so glad to have you as our Regional Councillor.

Emma will be forwarding a letter of appreciation to the Mayor etc. regarding you and Councillor Dhillon.

Yours truly,


Sent: 2010/08/03 11:37 AM
“I want you to know I really appreciated the decision regarding the thistles in the ravine. I am so received to have them disposed of. A big thank you for that too. It is wonderful to have a councillor who “sees” things.

Enjoy your long weekend and see you soon.


On Monday, October 22, 2018 elect John Sprovieri for Mayor