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List of Achievements since Elected to Brampton Council

  1. As a member of Council and the Library Board, John obtained approval for the Meadows Community Centre, a joint facility, which is located on the Gore Road. This combined facility sits on 240 acres of parkland and is one of the finest community centres in the province.
  2. Approval for All Way Stops in all rural roads intersections in wards 9 & 10 that achieved an 80% reduction in accidents within the first year.
  3. Approval for tar and chip surface treatment for Rural Roads in wards 9 and 10.
  4. Approval for the underdrain system in all the Castlelmore Estate drainage ditches.
  5. Approval to provide Natural Gas supply to the Castlelmore Estate areas.
  6. Approval for the Chrysler Drive Recycling Centre.
  7. Approval to develop the farm lands surrounding the Castlelmore Estate area for Executive Housing.
  8. Approval to provide Neighborhood Parks in the new development areas, with Shade Structures, Picnic Benches and Portlets.
  9. The Wellness Community Centre.
  10. The Brampton Soccer Centre.
  11. The Springdale Library and Community Park.
  12. The Gore Meadows Library and Community Centre.
  13. The relocation and restoration on the Ebenezer Hall.
  14. Approval for Unwarranted All Way Stops and Traffic Signals.
  15. Approval to permit places of worship in Industrial and Commercial Zones.
  16. Approval for the Gore Bocce Courts.
  17. Approval to replace Wooden Hydro Poles with Concrete Hydro Poles for Road Widening in Brampton.
  18. Successfully supported the residents in the area of Countryside Dr and Airport Road to stop a landfill site in area.
  19. Approval to purchase the 250 Acre City owned Parkland between McVean Dr and the Gore Rd. North of Castlelmore Rd.
  20. Approval for the Air Canada flight 621 Memorial Garden in the area of McVean Drive South of Castlelmore Rd.
  21. The Excessive Grass Growth By Law.

Community Growth and Development

Growth is an important factor to any community. As a resident and Councillor of Wards 9 & 10, John is dedicated to fully supporting the implementation of infrastructures and amenities to serve the needs of Brampton’s ever-growing population and development.

John recognizes the importance of accessible transit and has advocated for the introduction of early transit service in Brampton’s many newly developed subdivisions. He also aims to reduce the time spent sitting in traffic on Brampton’s roads. John has been instrumental in changing the process by which the City purchases lands allowing for the acceleration of construction of much needed road expansion in Brampton.

Residential developments can have both a positive and negative effect on an area. John approaches any proposed development with a fresh and varied perspective. He ultimately has the best interests of the residents in mind as his primary concern. He is devoted to creating a balance of residential developments to include a full cross-section of housing, from affordable housing to executive homes.

John recognizes that a city that works hard should have the opportunity to play hard. He is a fervent supporter, and often the motivating force, for the construction of libraries, recreational centres, athletic complexes, community parks, arts and culture centres and seniors centres.

The Environment

Environmental issues are of grave concern today and John is committed to finding solutions to those concerns. John is dedicated to the preservation of our precious natural resources and landscape. He has a fondness for the serenity and beauty of nature, in particular the Claireville Conservation Area, for which he helped to stop the planned Williams Parkway expansion from decimating the Area. John strongly opposed the proposed Low Level Radioactive Waste Incinerator and was instrumental in lending his voice to the implementation of the City of Brampton Interim Control by-law. He was also an outspoken councillor in supporting the 20-year Peel garbage deal with Waste Management. John has been a Board Member of the TRCA for his past two terms in office. He is dedicated to ensuring the protection of our green spaces, the creation of recreational nature trails in Brampton’s valleylands, and building awareness of nature conservatism to ensure the enjoyment of it by all residents.

Your Health and Safety

Your health and safety tops John’s list of priorities as well. John’s concern for safety within his community is paramount. The installation of traffic signals and stop signs is an ongoing concern as John wants to ensure the safety of the residents of Brampton. The Fluoridation of the Region of Peel’s drinking water is a cause of major concern for John. He is strongly advocating for its removal and urges the residents of Brampton to familiarize themselves with the harmful effects of water fluoridation. Please see the link(s) below for further information.



Art and Culture Support

As Brampton’s population continues to grow, so does its cultural diversity. Brampton is home to many new comers to Canada, many of whom rely on vital programs for support and encouragement. John is a strong supporter of the City of Brampton’s Mentoring Partnership Program, which aims to assist new immigrants entering the labour market. John understands the needs and interests of Brampton’s residents and has been an advocate for the creation of cricket and kabbadi facilities in the City of Brampton.

Local Business and Organization Support and Development

John believes in supporting the growth and development of local businesses within Brampton. He believes that they are a critical component and a major contributor to the strength of the local economy and provide much needed employment opportunities. John works to encourage business investment in the City of Brampton with a focus on future employment growth in Wards 9 & 10. In particular, John supported the zoning for 2000 acres of land at the Highway 50 corridor to be reserved as future employment lands.

John’s Campaign Contact:

647 808 1945


8770 The Gore Rd, Unit #7.

On Monday, October 22, 2018 elect John Sprovieri for Mayor