Experience Matters!

Experience… Integrity… Commitment

John’s integrity, commitment, experience and proven track record for finding solutions and getting the job done are hallmarks of his political career that make him the right choice to be our new Mayor..

Why do we need John Sprovieri for our new Mayor?


For far too long, Brampton Council has been led by mayors who have been influenced by and have catered to special interest groups. As a result, our city has suffered reputational and financial harm, including a bad image and excessive debt.

But on October 22, you will have an opportunity to elect a new mayor who will bring honesty and transparency back to City Hall and will work for all the residents of Brampton.

You have an opportunity to elect a new mayor who will promote unity amongst Members of Council and respect for your hard-earned tax dollars.

John Sprovieri has 30 years of experience working for the residents of Brampton and is known to be honest, transparent, accessible, and fiscally responsible.

If you value an honest mayor who will work for you and your family, vote John Sprovieri to be the next Mayor of Brampton.

John’s Campaign Contact:

647 808 1945


8770 The Gore Rd, Unit #7.

On Monday, October 22, 2018 elect John Sprovieri for Mayor